Supplet Pro (PRO) granules

Suplet Pro (PRO) granule type is made by adding licorice to the conventional Suplet Pro (PRO) and powdering it to give it to various small and small animals such as cats and small dogs, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, squirrels, and small birds. It's getting easier.

It is a safe product that uses human grade raw materials and has passed various safety tests.

Please consult your veterinarian and use it to maintain the health of your animals.

how to give

Please give the following recommended amount.
*This is just a guideline amount. Depending on the condition of the pet, please increase or decrease according to the instructions of the veterinarian.

* The attached spoon is 200 mg per scoop.
* Please give the weight as a guide. In rare cases, loose stools may occur. In that case, stop the temporary salary and consult your family veterinarian.
* Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool place out of reach of pets and children.
*This product is very susceptible to moisture. After opening, tightly close the cap and store at room temperature (as cool as possible). Also, if water adheres to the spoon or container, the product may harden. Please handle with care. 

Main raw material
Introducing safe materials included in Supplet Pro (PRO). *No preservatives, fragrances, or colorings are used.
Ganoderma Lucidum
It is a kind of mushroom, also known as Mannentake. Using domestically produced reishi mushrooms, we use a special manufacturing method called a circulating multi-stage pressurized extraction method to extract all the components of reishi mushrooms.
Cultivated in the Andes plateau of South America, it is a cruciferous plant that has been called the ginseng of the Andes since the time of the Inca Empire. It contains 18 kinds of amino acids including essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
Lactic acid bacteria (sterilization) KT-11
Crispatus KT-11™ (Lactobacillus crispatus KT-11) is a lactic acid bacterium found in the intestines of infants.
Denshichi Ginseng
It is also called 37 ginseng because it can be harvested 3 to 7 years after sowing. Rich in saponin, flavonoid glycosides, dencithin, and minerals.
Licorice (Glycyrrhiza)
It is a perennial herb of the legume family. The glycyrrhizin it contains is 300-400 times sweeter than sugar.
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