Flex Pro

Flex Pro (PRO) supports the health of elderly animals who are concerned about their legs by combining proteoglycan, which is a cartilage component, and elastin, which is an elastic protein.

Because it is small, it is very easy to give.

It is a safe product that uses human grade raw materials and has passed various safety tests.

Please consult your veterinarian and use it to maintain the health of your animals.

how to give
*This is just a guideline amount. Depending on the condition of the pet, please increase or decrease according to the instructions of the veterinarian.
* Please give the weight as a guide. In rare cases, loose stools may occur. In that case, stop the temporary salary and consult your family veterinarian.
* For highly palatable cats, please crush finely or grind before use.
*Please give 1 grain or less as a guide for ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, etc. Also, for birds, etc., please give an appropriate amount after grinding one grain and mixing it with meals.
* Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool place out of reach of pets and children.
*Since it is a highly hygroscopic food, the color may become slightly darker from the rainy season to the summer due to the ingredients, but there is no problem with quality.
Main raw material
cat's claw extract
green lipped mussel
reishi extract
Lactic acid bacteria (sterilization) KT-11
Devil's Claw Extract
Elastin (from fish)
Salmon cartilage extract (containing undenatured type II collagen and undenatured proteoglycan)
Internal capacity
Features of Flex Pro (PRO)
Introducing the safe materials included in Flex Pro (PRO). *No preservatives, fragrances, or colorings are used.
cat's claw
It is a plant that has been useful for protecting health since ancient times among the indigenous people called Indio of South America Peru. We use raw materials that are standardized for alkaloid content.
Ganoderma Lucidum
It is a kind of mushroom, also known as Mannentake. Using domestically produced reishi mushrooms, we use a special manufacturing method called a circulating multi-stage pressurized extraction method to extract all the components of reishi mushrooms.
Devil's Claw
The plant is called Devil's Claw because of its sharp, claw-like thorns. We use raw materials that meet the standards for containing the iridoid glycoside harpagoside, and the part used is the tuber (a kind of underground stem).
green lipped mussel
It has been eaten by the indigenous Maori people in New Zealand where it originated. Contains minerals and essential amino acids.
Lactic acid bacteria (sterilization) KT-11
Crispatus KT-11™ (Lactobacillus crispatus KT-11) is a lactic acid bacterium found in the intestines of infants.
Elastin (from fish)
It is a component of elastic fibers and is an elastic protein. It exists in ligaments and the dermis of the skin, and is useful for the health of ligaments and blood vessels. This product uses elastin derived from skipjack arteriosphere.
Salmon cartilage extract (contains undenatured type II collagen, undenatured proteoglycan)
Nasal cartilage in the head of salmon contains proteoglycans and undenatured type II collagen, the basic components of articular cartilage. It is a notable component that can replenish joint components. Proteoglycan is composed of nearly 100 chondroitin sulfate, oligosaccharides, keratanic acid, etc. bound to a single core protein bound to the core of hyaluronic acid.
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